(The photo above) is The Village Green School House, owned by Aston
Township, and is located on Pennell
Road, just north of the Five Points intersection. Built about 1867 it was used until the late 1940's. The ground for the school was sold by Samuel Hewes to
Jacob Richards, William Pennell
and Thomas Dutton for thirty dollars.
Before public schools were established in 1836, this was a private school for the families of the subscribers who made donations to build the school building. According to the original deed it can
never be sold.


Aston Township Historical Society
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History of Mt. Hope Church and Aston

Aston Township Historical Trail

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Welcome to Aston Township Historical Society's website. We hope you find our new site both pleasurable and informative. Also we would like you to share with our society all you know about our old Aston. We were populated with mills and after all, we have an area and a road named just that, "Aston Mills". We also have another venue named for the new owners and its old purpose...Kings Mill. The King family have done a wonderful job to take an old building into the future! We, as historians, can only hope more people will do such a lovely job as to take our still remaining old structures and if they cannot remain original and at best re-purpose them with the most history intact.

What else do you remember about Aston? Perhaps farms? There were at one time many farms within our borders. How about businesses? Perhaps your family ran a business years ago or worked at a local business.

We are here to share and to learn more AND we would LOVE to hear from others.


~The Board of the Aston Township Historical Society



The object and purpose of the Aston Township Historical Society is to promote efforts to identify, preserve and enhance the properties of historical value or interest to the residents of Aston Township.



The Aston Township Historical Society was founded in 1993 by Paul Dougherty, who along with Edmund Kulesea, Bruce Wittendorfer and Jacqueline DiGiacomo held several meetings to establish By-Laws and elect officers.

   On September 19, 1993, to kick off the newly founded Historical Society a Proclamation Ceremony was held at the Aston Free Library. Several residents brought in their historical artifacts to display.



New members are welcome! The Aston Township Historical Society meets four times a year at the Aston Township Building on Pennell Road. . Meeting times are listed on this website or check local newspapers. Join us in membership and support historic preservation in Aston Township: Download a Membership Application.



By appointment only.


Contact Pat Smith at 610-494-4707 to visit the schoolhouse.




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